XLR Adapter

Adapter und Verbindungsstecker

Typ Beschreibung Technische Daten
pro Stk. / in CHF
exkl. MwSt.
389 XLR F - F
SFr. 28.65
390 XLR M - M
SFr.  28.65


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  Y  - XLR  ADAPTER , auch à la Carte!



Each cable made individually in our own lab.

Series 391Q Y-Adapters can combine or split typical audio signals using a combination of Switchcraft Q-G ® A3F and A3M cord plugs. Outputs of two microphones can conveniently be connected in parallel and connected to a single input using a 391Q23 Y-Adapter. Cabling is 2-conductor shielded, 2-foot long gray jacket with molded Y-junction at center point. Mates with Switchcraft Q-G and QGP connectors.

Gotham Part Numbers Q-G® Cord Plug Part Numbers  Switchcraft Part Numbers  VP CHF  Version w. goldplated Connectors A3X-AU
CHF / Set
Plug A Plug B Plug C
65740083 A3F A3M A3M S391Q13 67.50 85.50
65740084 A3M A3F A3F S391Q43 69.50 89.50

Auch mit anderen Steckerkombinationen erhältlich.  Wir bauen die Verbindungen nach Ihrem Wunsch innert wenigen Tagen.


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