COAX2 active Bass Extender 9"

The bass multichannel extender of the Coax 2 studio monitor – as the name suggests, it complements the Coax 2 active studio monitor in reproducing low frequencies. The bass from the extender is fast, dynamic, detailed, clean, transparent, and multi-channel: 1 + 1, 2 + 2, 3 + 3, 4 + 4, 5 + 5 …

Together with the active Coax 2 Bass Extender monitor, it forms a three-channel listening system in near / medium field.

The unique technologies developed by APS, used in all current monitor models, take the work of sound engineers to a higher level. Thanks to the quality and precision of sound reproduced by APS monitors, the work of the sound engineer becomes more pleasant and the desired effect is much easier to achieve.

The sound quality of our products is something that distinguishes APS from others pro audio manufacturers in the world.

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Coax2  Mid-Field-Monitor Bass Expansion unit

With this addition to the COAX2 you can consider the set also a 3way full set main monitor system for mid-field. Or consider the extender a stereo subwoofer system to the Coax2 perfectly matched
  • black matt surface, (other colours/makes on request with a surcharge!),
  • 9" Bass Chassis
  • Dimensions (33,2 x 21.2 x 26.2 cm).
  • 14.0 Kg weight. Shipping weight per pairr = 33 Kg
  • active AB-class high definition. System with 100Watt (Bass).
  • 9" Bass Driver,
  • 105dB SPL RMS, (113 dB Peack/pair ) 32Hz-120Hz,
  • XLR balanced input.
  • 220v version (no external voltage selector)
  • 110v version available on request for same price.


Technologies of COAX 2 BASS EXTENDER:


  • APS Perfectly Matched Amplitude & PhaseTM Technology
  • APS Equalized Current-DriveTM Technology
  • Paired Monitors with APS Accuracy of: ± 0.25 dB


  • Stereo Bass Extension
  • Closed Box Bass Loudspeaker
  • APS Total Volume UsedTM Technology


  • Norex Cone Technology


  • Strong Cast Aluminum


  • Shorting Ring, Large Magnet System


  • Power Amplifier: High Efficiency & Quality, Low EMI Technology
  • Power Supply: High Efficiency, Safety Class 2, Low EMI Technology


  • Precision Resistor Ladder & Switch


  • COAX 2 BASS EXTENDER is available in black natural wooden finish.
  • Please contact us if you need more details or to discuss individual finish.

Datasheet (PDF)  


black wood veneer
matched pair: SFr. 1'751.25
Special versions
on demand/costum made:
Hi-End Piano black
ask for Quote
color or special wood veneer (individualcostum made)
ask for Quote

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