Ambient active Monitor 2 way Master/Slave system


APS AMBIENT is a studio monitor for multi-channel systems and field synthesis. It is a reliable tool for creating the impression of surround sound. Sounds create an acoustic field and their source is difficult to capture. The sound of the monitors is natural, full, dynamic and structured.

Active Slave monitors are powered by active Master monitors. The recommended monitor connection system is: 2 to 4 Slaves per 1 Master.

The unique technologies developed by APS, used in all current monitor models, take the work of sound engineers to a higher level. Thanks to the quality and precision of sound reproduced by APS monitors, the work of the sound engineer becomes more pleasant and the desired effect is much easier to achieve.

The sound quality of our products is something that distinguishes APS from others pro audio manufacturers in the world.


Ambient  active Monitor 2 way Master/Slave system

 Bild Ambient
Price in CHF
incl. 7.7 % VAT.
Ambient Near or Surround (atmos)  Studiomonitor. Near-Midfield.

black matt surface, (other colours/makes on request with a surcharge!),
Aluminium Dome Tweeter doublel Magnet,  6" Bass Chassis
Compact size (31x18.2x28cm).
8.0 Kg weight Master, Slave: 7.0kg, 34kg shipping weight for a full system (4 units)
2-way active AB-class high definition. 2 way-system with 100Watt (Hi) und 55Watt (Bass).
6" Bass Driver, 3/4" aluminium dome tweeter
102dB SPL RMS, (110 dB Peack/pair ) 45Hz-25KHz,
balanced XLR input.
2x Speakon for Slave connection 40VAC
Master with voltage selector 110/220V

Systemprice SFr. 3'050.00
per 1 Master and 3 Slave

Ambient if sold seperately
Master only:
SFr 995.00 each
Slave only
SFr 695.00 each



Technologies of AMBIENT:


APS STAGETM Technology
APS Refined BassTM Technology
Paired Monitors with APS Accuracy of: ± 0.25 dB


Damped Bass Reflex
APS Backplate-Slotted Bass ReflexTM Technology
APS Refined ProportionsTM Technology
APS Refined Driver PositionsTM Technology
APS Total Volume UsedTM Technology


Midwoofer: Modified Cellulose
Tweeter: Aluminium Dome with Soft Sonotex Surround


Midwoofer: Highly Stable Steel


Midwoofer: Optimally Shaped, Central Copper Ring
Tweeter: Double Magnet System


Power Amplifiers: Natural Sound DMOS Power Stage Technology
Power Supply: APS Double Chain Power SystemTM Technology
Power Supply: Extra Powerful Toroidal Transformer


Precision Resistor Ladder & Switch


Amplifier Clipping LED
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Ambient Front black

Ambient rear view master unit with 220V Power outlet

Ambient rear view slave unit with 40V AC Power connectors

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